Beach Season is Here!


Summertime in Virginia means no pups at the beach during peak hours between Memorial Day and Labor Day… so you bet we snuck in some time and got our puppy toes in the sand before the big weekend! Keep reading to see more ultra cute photos of my little man, Presley.Read More

Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie with Matcha


I’ve been trying so hard to stick to this whole paleo thing before my trip… so far so good. My once a week cheat days haven’t even been that bad, and I’ve been noticing all of the bloat and a couple of pounds gone already. Anywho, keep reading to check out the recipe to this ultra delicious, guilt-free smoothie that will keep your tummy happy as well as your sweet tooth… unless you hate fruit… in that case, hopefully my next post is more appealing <3Read More



Having been so busy lately with work, getting the house in order and managing multiple projects outside of all of that, I’ve decided to squeeze in a few mins of time to post something on here.  Don’t get too excited now, its just what I ate for dinner last night. Spaghetti squash with beef tomato sauce.  Keep reading if you want to see more photos and a little bit on how I made it :)Read More

One Step Closer to a No Makeup Face


So a lot of things have changed for me in the past few years.  In the beginning, you grow, then you grow up, then you grow into yourself… then you grow old.  Well,… I’m at the beginning of the growing into myself part of my life (the magical 30s) and part of this phase a lot of things have changed.

I started taking long breaks from my hair dryer and flat-irons and have embraced and learned to manage my natural curls the right way and can now go sans-product!  I’ve become more selective in my shopping habits, only gravitating towards comfort first, and lastly, I’ve been wearing less and less makeup.

Read More